NEWS: We are delighted to announce the merger of TxRx Communications with 1310 Ltd.

Zoho Integration

Our Zoho Integration allows you to connect your TxRx phone system with Zoho, enabling incoming and outgoing call pop-ups in your browser, call history, and click-to-dial.

Your company’s TxRx account must be enabled for Zoho Integration, please email us if you’d like to discuss this.

Set Up

Install extension

  1. Sign into your Zoho account
  2. Go to Setup > Channels > Telephony
  3. Click on TxRx Communications
  4. Click Install

Link Zoho account to phone extension

  1. Go to
  2. First,
    • Pick your company from the list, and
    • Enter your phone’s extension number, then
    • Click Login.
  3. Next,
    • Choose your Zoho region (probably eu, check by logging into Zoho and looking at the URL), and
    • Enter your Zoho account email address, then
    • Click Submit.
  4. A new Zoho window or tab should open. If not click the Authorise button.
  5. Click Accept on the access request. You may need to log in to Zoho first.
  6. Close the Zoho window or tab.
  7. Click Continue.

The Integration should be set up.

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