NEWS: We are delighted to announce the merger of TxRx Communications with 1310 Ltd.


High speed internet, wherever you are.

Home and Business

High speed internet for your home or business. Using a variety of technologies, we can provide an internet connection even where other brands struggle, such as rural farms.

We can provide individual connections in our existing coverage areas, as well as work with communities and estates to install new infrastructure.


  • 1 month contract (unless otherwise specified)
  • Friendly, local technical support
  • One public IPv4 address and one /48 of IPv6 space
  • Dual-band wireless router


Fibre to the Premises

FTTP: the latest, fastest, and most reliable internet technology.

Fixed Wireless

By transmitting wirelessly from somewhere with a good internet connection, to somewhere that doesn’t, we can improve your speeds quicker and cheaper than other methods. All that’s needed to get connected is a small aerial on the side or roof of your property, with line of sight to our transmitter, connected by ethernet to a router.


Where FTTP and fixed wireless are not feasible, not needed, or a backup is wanted, we offer Fibre to the Cabinet (VDSL2) and ADSL2 just about everywhere.

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