Service Status

We are aware of a fault affecting a few customers in the Overton area. This is due to an electrical fault. An electrician will be on site at some point this morning to investigate and hopefully resolve.

We currently have an Openreach fibre fault on our leased line that feeds Basingstoke and Hannington. Service will be affected as traffic is going via a backup route.

We appear to have a network outage in the Manton, Marlborough area. It looks like one of our microwave dishes has failed or gone out of alignment. We will be attending site tomorrow morning to investigate further. Apologies for the outage.

Really appreciate all that @SSE are doing to get power back on to thousands of homes. If your internet is still offline it will be due to lack of power at our transmitters. Please bear with us.

We currently have an outage affecting a few properties in Hannington. We are investigating.

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