Customisable UK-based voice-over-IP services for your business

Examples include:

  • Telephone systems for businesses with small offices in multiple sites (law firms, estate agencies)
  • Startup companies
  • Churches
  • Charities
  • Small hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast accommodation

We offer a centralised phone system running off a server hosted in a data centre. All you need is a broadband connection at each site.

We can supply:

  • Local UK phone numbers (most area codes)
  • Competitive outbound call rates
  • Completely customised solution based on your current and future needs.
  • Either standard hardware internet phone or a free ‘soft-phone’ phone application running on your PC
  • Virtual PBX with voicemail, call forwarding, diverting etc and interactive voice response system
  • Monthly billing (subject to credit status)
  • Minimum service period of 1 month