HiWiFi Wireless Internet Service

We currently offer high-speed wireless internet for both domestic and business customers in the following areas:

  • Hatch Warren and parts of Basingstoke town centre
  • Upton, Andover (non-standard pricing)
  • Vernham Street, Andover (non-standard pricing)
  • Crondall, Farnham (non-standard pricing)
  • Portway Estate, Overton (non-standard pricing)
  • Hannington, Tadley
  • Pitt Hall Farm, Tadley
  • Plantation Farm, Tadley
  • Rockley, Marlborough (non-standard pricing)

Standard Pricing

Package nameDownlink speedUplink speedPrice per month including VATNotesUsage Limit
Brass (not available for new supply)10Mbit2Mbit£24.00 This tariff has a usage limit of 20GB/month and is designed for occasional use20GB per month
Silver10Mbit2Mbit£25.52light usageUnlimited*
Gold20Mbit3Mbit£37.79Typical family useUnlimited*
(not available in some areas)
30Mbit3Mbit£66.38Heavy use with multiple usersUnlimited*

Customers can ‘burst’ over their contracted download speed for a limited duration where there is capacity available. This ensures web pages etc load quickly, but a sustained download will cause the speed to drop back to the package’s normal download speed. This ‘burst’ feature is not available on the Brass packages.

Overusage on Brass package. Where your usage approaches the package limit in any calendar month, we will email you with a warning. As this product is designed to be a low cost service, at the limit we will stop your internet to prevent you incurring any excess usage charges. You can either wait for the 1st of the next month or you can purchase a ‘Booster’ for another 10GB for a charge of £10. This is not carried over to the next month.

* Unlimited usage is subject to our Fair Use Policy

Telphone options with HiWiFiOne-off Price Inc VATPrice per month Inc VAT
Standard Service including:-
– one 01256, 0118 or 01635 number
– voicemail
– caller ID
– itemised billing
FREE with our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages
£50.00 with Brass package
FREE with our Silver, Gold or Platinum packages
£8.00 per month with Brass package
Additional number£15.00£2.40
Number port from BT, TalkTalk etc (single line)£25.00n/a
Compatible phone (Works with landline and our VoIP service)
N300IP DECT and Analogue Base Unit
Additional A540H handsets (Max 6 on one base unit)
Delivery charge (if ordered after HiWiFi installation)£15.00n/a
Call Charges – UK Destinations (inc VAT)
Min fee 1.2p, billed by the second
UK Fixed (01/02/03 and 0870)1.2p0.84p0.84p
UK 08xx Access Charge3.84p3.843.84p
UK Mobiles (main networks)9.6p9.6p9.6p
Call Charges – Examples of International Destinations (inc VAT)
Min Fee 1.2p, billed by the second
USA (fixed and mobile)1.1p
Canada (fixed and mobile)0.72p
France (Fixed line)
France (Mobile)
Spain (Fixed line)
Spain (mobile)
Australia (Fixed line)
Australia (Mobile)
Complete rate list in Excel formatHiWiFi Call charges (.xlsx)

Connection charges (subject to survey):

HiWiFi – Installation and other one-off chargesPrice including VAT
Initial installation (using professional aerial contractor)£250.00
Dual band 4-port wireless router, preconfiguredIncluded

Note: For installation in Ibworth and Folly Farm area, local arrangements for installation applies. Please ask for details.

All packages Include:

One static, public IPv4 address and one /48 of IPv6 space

Internet access based on our Usage Policy (see below)

Low ping times – ideal for VOIP and gaming applications (approx 9ms from most parts of our network to major London data centres)

30 day contract (unless otherwise specified)

friendly, local technical support

How do we supply your internet service?

We provide a discrete wireless access point (which remains our property) which we mount externally on your house. The mast itself and fixings become your property once installed. We recommend that we do the installation for you using a professional aerial installer. In some situations it may be appropriate for us to provide instructions and guidance for a self-install option. This is subject to survey.

Fair Use Policy

We don’t apply metered download limits as a basis for charging on our ‘Unlimited’ tariffs. We would still ask that you are considerate with your usage. i.e. we would strongly encourage you to run torrents and backups overnight where possible, and do not leave your machines streaming and downloading if you don’t need it, in the same way that you don’t leave a tap running when you are not needing water. In the unlikely event that we see a disproportionate amount of use by specific customers on our ‘Unlimited’ packages, which causes detriment to other users, we may contact you to discuss options. These may include suggestions on how to reduce usage at peak times, requests for you to do certain downloads out of peak hours, or it may involve an element of traffic throttling at certain times. It will NOT involve applying ‘unplanned’ excess usage charges.